WI-FI and other devices EMF’s dangers

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Do you have WI-Fi at home or office?
You might not want to after reading this.

Wireless routers, WI-FI modem or repeaters use electromagnetic radiation to send signals.
These signals go through furniture, walls and humans, yes you!
These units emit radiation in the low gigahertz frequency (same frequency your microwave uses to cook food) and this are called EMF (Electromagnetic fields) this radiation is considered dangerous by health experts and scientists.

How can this be prevented?
Well if you can avoid having WI-FI all together and hard wire all your computer peripherals this would be good, that’s the best solution. Even though you’re still vulnerable against this EMF’s for example your neighbors WI-Fi or simply phone reception. Unfortunately this is not an option these days as mobile phones and tablets still use WI-FI to communicate.

Computer repairs FrankstonYou could minimize the use of EMF when and where possible.
An option is to turn them off at night when you’re not using them, you can have an automatic power timer to turn peripherals on and off.

Some symptoms you might be experiencing when exposed to EMF’s are lack of sleep, heart palpitations, migraines and general poor health.
Some steps to protect yourself and others from RMF’s:

-As we mentioned above have you’re WI-FI on a timer so no EMF is transmitted when not in use.
-Reduce your Mobile phone usage.
-Little young ones are more Vulnerable to radiation as they are developing and EMF could affect their DNA.
I would recommend a kid should never use a mobile phone.
-Use land line when possible at home and in your office.
-Don’t assume one device is safer than another
-Keep you’re mobile phone away from your body when its on or any other wireless devices
example: putting a laptop on your lap or bedside table when you are asleep.
-Turn your mobile off or away from you when you are sleeping.
-Use safer headset Technology
-Reduce or eliminate the usage of other wireless devices like Bluetooth.
-Try not to use your mobile or laptop with poor signal as it works harder to amplify emitting more EMF’s so use where      reception/coverage is good.
-Respect those who are more vulnerable to EMF’s.

It is worth doing a little more research on this subject so you can have a better understanding of the risks of EMF’s can bring to your family  and others.