6 Tips on keeping your computer running smoothly.

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Brontobyte rule number 1
Always install updates on your machine and make sure you have all the latest drivers for your hardware.

Brontobyte rule number 2
Always keep your protection software up to date and do regular scans, some of these can be antivirus, anti-spyware, browser protection, Email protection and so on.
If your protection has run out make sure you put something there even a free one will be better than nothing.
(keep only one protection active on your computer as having more than one tend to slow down your computer).

Brontobyte rule number 3
Keep your hard drive nice clean and tidy, you can do this by removing programs that you dont use anymore, delete files that you not longer need, there is free tools that will clean your disk from temporary files etc. once you finish cleaning do a Defrag.

Brontobyte rule number 4
BACKUP! Always keep a backup of your files, preferably on a NAS (Network attached Storage).

Brontobyte rule number 5
Create system restore points, this should be done at least once  month, System restore can help you with fixing problems that might be making your computer run slow or stop responding. your computer will be restored to the state it was in before the event of the restore point.

Brontobyte rule number 6
There is a lot of free software out there and they are free for a reason, read what they are offering do not just click next next next. This will save you from spyware or unwanted programs that you don’t need.

If you think i missed any don’t be shy and post them bellow 🙂