About Us

Brontobyte has always been a small company, creating a great relationship along the way with their local customers, satisfaction is our priority and we want everyone to have a great experience dealing with us. we always here to help 24/7 giving you the best advice and value that everyone deserves.
The name: The prefix bronto, as used in the term brontobyte, has been used to represent anything from 1015 to 1027 bytes.
(in another words a lot of data).

Frankston IT Services

Some qualifications:

Advanced Diploma in Computer System Engineering.
Certificate of updating your network infrastructure and Active Directory.
Certificate of Implementing and managing Windows Server Hyper-v.
Certificate of Installing and managing Microsoft 2010 Exchange Server.
And that’s is just to name a few, so you know you are in good hands!
We are so confident about our work, that we have our “no fix no fee>” guarantee!!