6 tips on buying the right laptop.

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6 tips on buying the right laptop.

No one should just walk into a shop and buy the first pretty looking laptop.

So tip number 1:
“DON UNDER BUY” buy a laptop that will last you at least three years, this means don’t go and buy the first purple cheap nasty laptop you see without expecting to smash it every time you turn it on.

Tip number 2:

A slow CPU, hard drive and a bad display will bring you a terrible experience for the upcoming three years.

Tip number 3:

Retailers love to sell you memory, it’s an old trick, the average user will do more than fine with just 8GB of ram, ok fare enough the more the better! But are you running Photoshop, editing big videos or simply running heavy ram applications? If the answer is yes then go ahead you have a reason to have it.

Computer Repairs FrankstonTip number 4:
No matter how big or small your laptop is, every… I mean every laptop should have an SSD (solid state hard drive) this will give the laptop better performance, reliability and longer battery life.
Yes this includes you MacBook’s users.
If you need more disk space choose a laptop that supports a second hard drive, some laptops you can replace the DVD with a Hard disk Caddy.

Tip number 5:
Don’t buy the extreme CPU, unless you have money to throw away, just by getting a lower spec CPU you will probably be saving one third or even half of the price.  And most likely you won’t even feel the difference.

I believe if you need processor power a laptop is not the go, unless you can overclock a laptop and install a water cooling fan.

Tip number 6:

Ok so if you need performance you will be getting something big and heavy, if you want something thin and light you will be giving away the performance, it’s just simple plain physics.